Multi-language video content

In countries such as Belgium and Switzerland brands have to make serious language considerations in their outreach. Not all Flemish speak French and plenty of Romands don’t speak German. At Rocket Videos we thought of the strategies for multilanguage videos, without losing style, effectiveness and opportunity. As you can imagine: just adding subtitles is not […]

The importance of nostalgia

Nostalgia can make feelings of joy, happiness, belonging and meaningfulness crawl its way up to your current reality. How do you act as a consumer when these feelings surge? That question and many more makes nostalgia a popular topic among neuroscientists.  A recent study from Fan, Jiang & Hu (2020) found that nostalgic feelings can […]

Why would you want your videos to evoke emotion?

There are numerous studies on the relationship between emotions and behaviour, especially consumer behaviour where the big bucks are at. We’ve placed one particular study in the spotlight, since it directly reflects what every creative desires, but only ever so often succeeds: evoke an emotional reaction. Nielsen (2019) researched the success of 100 different TV ads. By […]

What’s all this neuromarketing about?

Back in the day, decision making was easy. Today, consumers are drowning in information. Imagine all the different coffee brands you see in the supermarket, plus the cafés on every corner serving yet another delicious coffee you’ve never heard of. During rush hour shopping, what makes you surpass Douwe Egberts and extend your arm to grab a […]