What’s all this neuromarketing about?

Back in the day, decision making was easy. Today, consumers are drowning in information. Imagine all the different coffee brands you see in the supermarket, plus the cafés on every corner serving yet another delicious coffee you’ve never heard of. During rush hour shopping, what makes you surpass Douwe Egberts and extend your arm to grab a Peeze Coffee instead?
We can’t give you a clear answer on that one. It could be the shelf, the personal experience with the product, the brand reputation, the packaging, your mood or a combination of all. It’s impossible to wade through the sea of options to make a logical purchase, and this applies to basically any product. As a result, consumers make most of their decisions unconsciously, and not at all from conscious reasoning. Then why do we -marketeers- still rely as much on the consumers’ exclamations in our marketing and advertising efforts?

This is where neuromarketing comes in. It is the only way to collect information directly from the source of human decision-making: the subconscious mind. You can read more about it here, or you can stay tuned for more posts about neuromarketing and its application in the video production world.

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