The importance of nostalgia

Nostalgia can make feelings of joy, happiness, belonging and meaningfulness crawl its way up to your current reality. How do you act as a consumer when these feelings surge? That question and many more makes nostalgia a popular topic among neuroscientists. 

A recent study from Fan, Jiang & Hu (2020) found that nostalgic feelings can influence consumers in choosing popular products. The thought behind this is that nostalgia makes people more willing to conform to the group rather than standing out. 

Another consideration is the strength of social ties between the individual and the group. When confronted with nostalgic feelings, an individual tends to look for ways to strengthen ties when they are weak. Buying majority-endorsed products is one of those ways. This can be as subtle as a Mars bar or outgoing as airplane tickets.

For the neuromarketeers among us it’s therefore quite interesting to find nostalgia triggers for our target audience. Have a look at this video from Microsoft and share this post to bring a bit of nostalgia to everyone’s day. 

Child of the 90’s by Internet Explorer:

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