Why would you want your videos to evoke emotion?

There are numerous studies on the relationship between emotions and behaviour, especially consumer behaviour where the big bucks are at. We’ve placed one particular study in the spotlight, since it directly reflects what every creative desires, but only ever so often succeeds: evoke an emotional reaction. Nielsen (2019) researched the success of 100 different TV ads. By measuring heart rate, sweat, posture, facial reactions, electrical impulses in specific regions of the brain and other neuro- physiological techniques, the ads were classified as either emotional or non-emotional. Now, without further ado: the results! It probably won’t surprise you that the outcome of the study was in favor of the emotional ads. They had higher ad recall, brand recall and purchase intent and 39% more sales than the ads that did not evoke any emotion. For your next video production be sure to keep an eye out for that extra emotional kick. Or even better: test your video while in production with Rocket Videos neuro-video modules. Or check out how to produce an animation video or filmproject with us.

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