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V.O. Patents often receives questions about their EU and worldwide patent application process. This is an intensive and complicated process in which many steps must be taken. 

We created a 2-3 minute explainer video outlining the entire process in a such a way that everyone can understand. This helps the clients prepare for the work to come and saves V.O. Patents time explaining the same process over again.

KEY features


The main goal of this video is to create a broad overview of the entire process over time. For this we opted to create a timeline which is shown throughout the entire video. In this way the viewer doesn't lose the overview of an already complicated process.


Although we wanted to create an explainer video that is easy to understand, it is important for the perception of V.O. Patents that the correct terminology is being used. This created more trust between V.O. Patent and the viewer, as it positions V.O. Patents as a knowledgable legal partner.

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