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Runnersworld launched a new package for their customers, giving them free advice in order to really get out there and become active. However, it turned out to be quite difficult to actually get this message across in the stores.

For this reason we created video content that could be displayed instore as well as online. For each of these situations we created a different video, as customers experience video differently in online and offline environments.

When considering a 3D video project, you have to think about the number of objects and complexity. More than with other video content, production costs of a 3D video depend on the objects that need to be created.

As with 2D animation, 3D animation is a great branding tool. Once our hard work of designing the 3D objects was completed, we additionally created illustrations for Runnersworld to be used in brochures and other communications.

KEY features

3D objects

At the start of the project it's important to know which object we will need to draw. Drawing the objects are the most time-intensive part of a 3D animation video, so it's good to know what the clent has in mind!

Online & offline

People look differently at video content in an online and offline environment. That's why we created a different message and a different video format for both, to maximise the viewer experience.

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