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Rami Yokota distributes power tools and air hoists throughout Europe. They are in the midst of creating an e-learning platform on which they wish to train users on the functioning of their products.

As these videos are produced for quite a knowledgable and technical audience, it’s important to draw all illustrations as accurate as possible. In order to achieve this, a good collaboration with the client is key. Not only did we go through detailed briefings, images and videos from the client, we have also drawn some of the illustrations based on physical products inspected with our own hands.

These videos mainly serve an educational purpose. Therefore we created clear and to-the-point videos, without focusing on any commercial aspects, as they will be displayed to existing customers.

KEY features

To the point

As the viewers of these videos are looking for clear and short answers to their questions, we decided to dive straight into the explanation of the power tool, instead of building up the story in length.


It was particularly crucial to depict the tools, components and functioning of the product with the most accuracy possible. Not only does this contribute to the overall understanding of the product, it is also necessary for the credibility of the video and the brand, as we are dealing with a highly technical audience.

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