Geheim van de Smith
Branding video

About project

The goal of this project was to create a video that could help lower the bounce rate on their website. By creating a video that showcases Geheim van de Smith, website visitors learn in a minute what Geheim van de Smith is about and how this can be of interest to them. This in return helps to convince them to check out the rest of the website and thus lower the bounce rate.


KEY features

No characters

It was important for the client to make a more abstract video, rather than an explainer video featuring character animation. This created a more serious look and feel for the video, which is more in line with the marcom style of the client.


We needed to create a recognisable video that was also in line with the company branding of Geheim van de Smith. By choosing a white background we were able to incorporate the bright colours of the client into the video without it getting to intense.

Client (brand)




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