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Bovemij was looking to create a video that would serve as their first impression to the outside world. This video had to be suitable for online (website) and offline (reception display) purposes.

Further, the look&feel of the video had to be be friendly and recognisable. We decided to spend plenty of time with the client to come up with some very likeable characters, adding a touch of humour to the mix. A super hero was created that would come safe the day.

While making sure that Bovemij’s branding colours were implemented in a clear yet subtle way, we created a video that could be used to reinforce their branding. We also composed a unique soundtrack just for them, that was used in following videos and added to the recognisability of Bovemij. Once you have an amazing video, you can start building on it. In this way, the client decided to use the super hero from our video to create an office mascotte and hand out blue capes at conferences. Mission accomplished!

KEY features


To keep the message light and appealing, we decided to add humour as a critical component. This starts with writing a great script and is finalised with adding awesome sound effects.


A unique soundtrack was composed for Bovemij. This has made the video quite recognisable and strongly adds to their branding. For the second video we decided to create a new soundtrack. This soundtrack resembles the first one, which leads viewers to swiftly making a connection to the Bovemij brand.

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