Batavia Stad
Recruitment campagne

About project

Batavia Stad has expanded a lot in the past years. As a consequence many of the store owners were in need of hiring new employees.

Rocket Videos was requested to come up with a video strategy that would show potential candidates what it’s like to work in one of the stores at Batavia Stad. Together with the client we selected 3 employees with different profiles matching the target group and willing to participate in the videos.

By showing the people behind the job, we wanted to create a certain fun factor and show viewers what their future colleagues are like.

KEY features


The video formats have to be suitable for Instagram and YouTube. Meaning they need to be short and able to grab the viewer's attention in the first 2 seconds.

Target Group

There's nothing better than using actual employees as a true representation to attract new ones, as they are by definition the target group you are approaching.


Remarketing is as important as the initial message. Research shows that most people only take action after the second or third interaction with a brand. For this purpose we created 6 second bumper ads to be used primarily on YouTube.

Client (brand)




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