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Epson provided us with a unique challenge.

Identifying interesting topics is key for creating valuable video content. Aside from producing printers, Epson works on many other innovative solutions. These often result in great content pieces to attract the attention of the viewer.

To make these videos easily usable in each of the 28 European countries with Epson sales offices, we decided to work only with text and not with voice-overs. Translating and subtitling would allow for a clear and straight forward message in the video.

Lastly, the  1 minute time frame allowed for snackable video content easily digestible for LinkedIn users.

KEY features


The videos were created to support Epson's LinkedIn strategy, in which they reach out to decision makers within organisations. Since most viewers will watch these videos on social networks and might not have their sound on, it's important to get the message across without sound.


These videos are the perfect opportunity for Epson to change the perception of its brand towards potential customers by highlighting the innovative solutions and initiatives that Epson works on daily.


The main challenge was to create a video format that would allow us to create new video content within 1 day, to be used throughout the Epson Europe division, in a quick easily digestible manner.

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