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About project

Tourism Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen was looking for a promo video for the launch of their app “Sofia”. With this new app they wanted to make the museums in the area more attractive to young people between the age of 14-24 years. The app makes use of geo-caching, augmented reality and narrative stories in game form, while guiding users through the different museums.

We chose a video in which we used a lot of different shots; the app is a concept that requires explanation through video to be understood properly. We shot scenes with a drone and made recordings in all 8 joining museums.

Tourisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen invested a little over €200,- in their ad-campaign with incredible results after just a few months:

✓ 123.955 impressions

✓ 4.860 clicks

✓ Average cost per click € 0,05

✓ Conversion rate of 8,26%

KEY features


The video formats have to be suitable for Instagram, Twitch and YouTube. Meaning they need to be short and able to grab the viewer's attention in the first 2 seconds.

Target group

The app is aimed at people between the age of 14-24 years. To get connected to the target group we used actors in the same age group to lead in the video.


There were 8 museums included in the app in both the Netherlands and Germany. The promo video presents all 8 museums in 1 minute. We also created a unique video for each museum separately, making use of Dutch and German voice-overs.

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