Terms and conditions

ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. is a company incorporated under Dutch law. The Client is the physical or legal person who orders services or goods from ROCKET VIDEOS in the context of his professional activities. The Service provided consists of a short explanatory video that can be published online.

Scope of application.
These terms and conditions constitute the contract by which both parties are bound, to the exclusion of the Client’s own terms and conditions. It is not possible to deviate from these general terms and conditions in any way, except with the prior written consent. Failure to apply by ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. of a provision, reproduced in these general terms and conditions, cannot be interpreted as a waiver of this provision by ROCKET VIDEOS or as an acknowledgment of any right on the part of the Client.

Service request.
Any request is made by the Client by e-mail or telephone. Rocket Videos will prepare a price quote based on this request. The price is exclusive of VAT or other taxes and only concerns the service and performance without additional costs and/or special expenses. If the Client agrees to the price, the Client can place an order for the requested service, at the price as shown in the quotation and pay an advance equal to 50% of the price including VAT or other taxes. He then receives from ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. a confirmation of receipt of the order. The order is final and the contract is concluded if, within a period of 15 days from the date of dispatch of the confirmation of receipt, ROCKET VIDEOS has not refused the order. In case of refusal of the Service by ROCKET VIDEOS, the advance will be refunded by ROCKET VIDEOS.

Billing and delivery
A deposit equal to 50% of the price plus VAT or other taxes will be invoiced at the time the order is submitted. The remaining 50% of the total price plus VAT or other taxes will be invoiced at the time of delivery of the ordered service. The final invoice must be paid after the completion of the project and before the delivery of the final video OR 10 weeks after the acceptance of the quotation by the customer. If the customer uses the GO Plan, 100% of the total amount will be invoiced at the start of the project. Additional costs incurred during the production process, and in consultation with the customer, are invoiced immediately and must be paid within 14 days. The final product will be delivered upon receipt of the total invoiced amount.

Withdrawal clause.
The Client has the right to cancel the contract under the following conditions: 1) this withdrawal is made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, 2) ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. has not yet started to perform its obligations and 3) the Client pays compensation equal to 66% of the advance paid, the balance will then be refunded to the Client. After the expiry of this period of 30 days or if ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. has already started the execution of the contract, it will no longer be possible for the Client to cancel the contract. All payments made by the client to ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. are none-refundable. ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. may terminate the contract at any time by means of a statement by e-mail and by refunding to the Client the amount already paid by it. If the customer uses the GO Plan, the 100% advance payment is non-revocable. In consultation with the customer, the term in which they can use the GO Plan can be extended once.

Any change to the order made after the conclusion of the contract must be notified in writing to ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. which, if it accepts the change, reserves the right to change the terms accordingly. In each phase there are two review rounds. All feedback must be provided in 1 document during the first review round. We regard new adjustments that have been requested in the second review round and that do not relate to the adjustments of the first review round as new elements. Feedback on the script, artwork, storyboard and video should be submitted within 3 business days. If not, the document is considered approved and the project moves to the next stage in the production process. Rocket Videos charges €500.00 per additional review round for processing new elements. This extra cost is first communicated and agreed with the customer.

Force Majeure

The following events are considered to be force majeure or unexpected events: 1) total or partial loss or destruction of the automation system of ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. or its database if one of these events cannot reasonably be directly attributed to ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. and if it cannot be proven that ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. has failed to take reasonable steps that could have prevented any of these events, 2) earthquakes, 3) fire, 4) floods, 5) epidemics, 6) acts of war or terrorism, 7) strikes, announced or unannounced, 8 ) work stoppages, 9) blockades, 10) riots and riots, 11) a stop of supply of energy (such as electricity), 12) a malfunction of the Internet or of the data storage system, 13) a malfunction of the telecommunications network, 14) a loss of connection to the Internet or telecommunications network of which ROCKET VIDEOS BV 15) a fact or a decision by a third party whereby this decision affects the proper performance of the contract or 16) any other cause beyond the reasonable control of ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. Escaped.

If, due to circumstances beyond the good will of ROCKET VIDEOS B.V., the performance of the obligations cannot be fulfilled or is made even more expensive or more difficult, ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. and the Client undertakes to negotiate, in good faith and in good faith, an adjustment of the contractual terms and conditions within a reasonable period of time with a view to restoring balance. In the absence of an agreement within a reasonable period of time, each of the parties may request the termination of the contractual relationship uniting them, without compensation or damages of any kind.

The delivery or partial use of the good and service ordered from ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. entails a final approval of that which has been delivered. Complaints regarding the works or services provided are not admissible, unless (a) they do not deal with the conformity of the good or service provided according to the parameters established by the Client and if (b) they are communicated by registered letter within eight days of delivery. In any case, any action regarding contractual or extra-contractual liability against ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. after a lapse of 6 months from the date of the error.

Any invoice that has not been paid on the due date will be subject to an annual interest rate of 15% until the date of payment, in addition to a conventional compensation clause of 15% with a minimum of € 125.00. If the amount is not paid on the agreed date, ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. reserves the right, without prior notice, to suspend the performance of its obligations, irrespective of its right, without notice and prior legal decision, to regard the contract as terminated to the detriment of the Client and to claim damages and interest . The same applies in the event of the Client’s failure to fulfill one of its obligations.

The possible nullity of a provision of these general terms and conditions does not affect the other provisions. Each provision will, if the case arises, be interpreted in favor of ROCKET VIDEOS B.V. . The contract, the negotiation thereof, the consequences and consequences will be subject to Dutch law.