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About project

Radio Holland was looking for an original way to create more brand awareness on social media. Instead of producing another corporate video, we decided to break down parts of the company essence into small vlogs. Our vlogger Beau Schneider would highlight one particular part of the business in each episode.

At the start of the project, we defined 8 topics that customers of Radio Holland would be interested in. By publishing these topics in separate videos, we allowed the viewer to focus on that particular part of Radio Holland to spike their interest. Having several content pieces also brought the opportunity to publish on a regular basis, and with that building a customer following and strong presence on social media.

By using a professional actor and high-end cameras, we aimed to increase the overall quality: the content as well as footage. Both play a crucial role in attracting viewers online and reinforcing the brand. The results of the video reflected this particularly, whereas we reached twice as many people online compared to earlier posts of Radio Holland.

KEY features


By choosing an original format, we were doing something that not many other companies in the maritime industry had dared to do. But stepping out of the maritime comfort zone we have now distinguished Radio Holland's online communications from its competitors.


Although it seems that vlogging is a one man show, it's often a team effort involving many collaborators. Our team consists of script writers, Creative Directors and a film crew to get the best result for our customers.


You have to stay up to date on the platform you are producing video content for. When appealing to an online audience, e.g. social media, you have to keep it short and snappy. In the video-production world we call that "snackable".

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