Human eye tracking versus AI powered eye tracking

The heatmap was introduced a few years ago and is already being widely used across businesses for predicting how users will engage with your website, landing pages, and mobile applications, you can identify strengths and weaknesses related to user experience (UX) and content placement. As a business, the more you understand your target audience, the more chance you have of creating a fluent and engaging customer journey across platforms.  And more relevant to us, AI-powered eye-tracking is showing promising results in video production. 


Heatmaps were developed with data collected from many human eye tracking studies.  An essential part of the consumer research process, eye tracking is a powerful medium as it taps into the fact that 95% of human decision-making (particularly online) is carried out sub-consciously.


By using eye tracker tools to trace navigational patterns, you can adopt your customers’ vision, uncovering information that will help you to make improvements that boost engagement, improve your customer experience (CX) offerings, and ultimately, accelerate the growth of your business.


From heat mapping to task-based usability tools, there are a wealth of eye tracking innovations available to businesses in today’s digital world. 


Invest in the right eye tracking tool for your business and you will:


  • Understand what your target audience is looking at and for how long
  • Identify redundant or disruptive visuals or design elements
  • Document how users scan and interact with your web pages or apps
  • Gain a practical understanding of what works and what doesn’t
  • Prove the value of certain marketing strategies, techniques or campaigns
  • Continually improve and evolve your efforts in a landscape that is ever-changing

Eye tracking is an effective means of seeing through the lens of your customers. But, as powerful as it is, eye trackers alone are unlikely to give you a complete insight into the content that really sticks in the users’ mind.


To gain additional context on how to use your data to improve usability and drive engagement, eye tracking should be a pivotal part of your consumer research strategy rather than a sole means of information.


That said, if you use it the right way, eye tracking can help you understand your customers in ways that can give you an all-important edge on the competition. We now know what attracts to attention of the viewers of our videos and how to keep their attention!

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