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Rocket Videos produces corporate videos and other video content for companies and organisations in the Netherlands. We are a next generation animation production company that uses the latest A.I. and neurotech tools to create more effective videos.



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Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen

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Batavia Stad

Production Process


We create videos for any goal

Our production team exists of script writers, creative directors, editors, video strategists and animators which means we can create any video you are looking for.





Our case studies


Epson Europe was looking for an efficient way to create video content that could easily be used all in EU countries in which Epson is active.  Rocket Videos created a snackable video format that can be used to produce video content in 28 countries.

Batavia Stad

Rocket Videos came up with a video strategy consisting of TrueView- and Bumper ads that would show potential candidates what it’s like to work in one of the stores at Batavia Stad. 


Rocket Videos created a promotional film for Tropenmuseum to get families excited about coming to Tropenmuseum during the school holidays. Get cozy and learn more about the world around us. For young and old!

Toerisme Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen

We supported Toerisme VAN with several video content pieces to promote their new app. Leading to lower cost-per-clicks  on all platforms like YouTube, Snap and Instagram.

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We enjoyed working with Rocket Videos and they delivered great material for our marketing campaign.

See the possibilities

Whether you are looking for video content for a commercial, your next product launch or support for your HR recruitment, we’ve got your back. Plan a call with one of our video experts today! 

About us

Based in Amsterdam and Arnhem serving the entire country.

Since 2017, we have created animation videos for hundreds of customers across the Netherlands. As one of the highest rates video companies in the Netherlands, we strive to create content to help our clients reach their goals. Whether this is in HR, sales, internal communication, brand awareness or customer care, we create video content based on how the human brain processes information and responds to stimuli. We work partially remote with Dutch colleagues based in The Netherlands, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa. 

Video Company

Whether you  are looking to create a corporate video, a product video or something else, we are ready for you. Our creative team comes up with something fresh and unique for each new video project and will make sure that you stand from of the crowd. We have worked with marketing teams, engineers and C-level executives to help them get their message across. Having worked for +200 companies and organisations in the Netherlands, we can honestly say we have experience in almost every industry!

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Why Rocket Videos?

Unique & personalised styles

We create for each of our customers a unique style that is aligned with their corporate branding.  Which means that we don’t work with standard templates. This allows us to get creative and to draw whatever the clients has in mind. There are no limitations to what we can do.

Source files

We are one of the only video production companies that actually hands over the source files of your video project once the production process is completed. This mean that you can use all of the raw materials in other videos. This allows you to get even more out of your video!

Innovative production process

We use the latest tools in A.I. and neurotech to create videos that work better. Our A.I. powered eye-tracking tool and our facial coding tool allow us to predict viewer behaviour even before your video gets published! In this way we try to maximise the return on your investment.

Industry expertise

We are not your average animation studio. Most of our team members have gained relevant work experience in other industries before joining Rocket Videos. We have people coming from the financial sector (Deloitte), food & agriculture, biochemistry, recruitment, e-education, and non-profit. This means that we know like no other how to think with our customers to tackle their communication challenges!

Why Video?

People love video…

People just love video. In the past years video has been booming. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% …every year! Today, up to 86% of all companies are using video as part of their internal and external communications. Video is here to stay!

How our brain works

We process tons of information every second. Visuals help you to get your message across in a world that is getting increasingly more complex. We receive five times the amount of information we did in 1986, says The Telegraph! This is why more and more companies are choosing video as their preferred communication tool.

…and so does Google

Video is considered a high quality content piece. It allows visitors to comment, like and share it with their network. This in return increases your online reputation and affects your Google ranking. No wonder that on most landing pages nowadays you will find a video! Not only does this help to lower your bounce rate, it actually helps you to being perceived as a more reliable source by Google and its visitors.

Reach more people

Video is the perfect content piece to share online. Viewers will like, share and comment on your video and will thus help you spread the word. Some of our videos have generated +135% more reach on social media compared with some of the in-house produced content of our clients! By making video an integral part of your social content strategy, you chose to give your online presence an immense boost.

Measure your impact

Video allows you to measure the impact of your marketing efforts. Measure the conversion rate, interactions and reach! This in return helps you to improve your sales and marketing efforts, so that you can get the most out of your strategies.