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FELIXprinters produces and sells 3D printers and was looking to take their branding to the next level. We received the task to produce several promotional and instruction videos, that would reinforce their online presence and boost their sales. We spent a week at the FELIXprinters office, where we installed a green screen to record all the videos. We ended up producing +30 videos for several products. To make the production process as scalable as possible, we first created a framework that could be applied to the majority of the videos. This way we were able to commence the project with a clear vision. This allowed us to create a certain look&feel that can be seen across all videos and in return reinforced their brand recognition.

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„The assessment of personalized video campaign with Motionlab? We’ve recorded a considerate increase of CTR, positive reactions from our clients, and a big praise from the sales department.”

Irma Haková

Head of Sales Support Department at UNIQA insurance

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